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TatMing Flooring Carpet

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Flooring Product Maintenance

Engineered Wood

  1. Relative humidity: between 45% and 60%. Higher Humidity makes the wood to expand; lower humidity makes the wood restricting and slotting.
  2. Avoid loading with heavy weights concentrated small portions of the floor, it is felt necessary to protect the feet of chairs and furniture.
  3. In case of floor heating system, please pay attention to the calibration of the system, not to exceed the floor surface temperature of +28 ° C
  4. Provide a doormat at the entrance of the house kept clean to remove dust from the soles of shoes and abrasive particles. Pay attention to any pets.
  5. Do not get wet, avoid spills water. In case of accidental spills, dry immediately removing fluid/material without the use of tools that can cause abrasions on the surface of the floor
Roll Carpet / Capet Tile
  1. Daily maintenance should be done by vacuum cleaners to keep a fine appearance. In case you use the cleaner with the brush, please be careful not to damage the piles of carpets.
  2. The carpet could be discolored or melted by heat. Therefore please be careful that you do not drop the cigarettes nor cause the friction-heat by wheels and so forth.
  3. When you remove the stains and spots, use tissue to absorb the stain. Then use a towel with warm water to wipe the carpet. If stains still remain on the carpet, use the appropriate neutral cleanser that chemically matches them.
  4. When you find some ravels on the piles of carpet, please cut them with scissors promptly so that the run of yarns can be avoided.


SPC / Laminate Flooring
  1. Recommend using a vacuum cleaner and dry mop for daily cleaning. Use a damp cloth or mop in warm water for stronger cleaning.
  2. Avoid using soapy products of any kind.
  3. A non-abrasive detergent is recommended for resistant stains.
  4. Felt pads are recommended to apply to furniture supports. Use door mats at all entrance doors.
  5. Do not attempt to install and uninstall the floor more than three times.

Vinyl Tile / Vinyl Sheet

  1. Sweep or vacuum dust on the surface.
  2. Use diluted cleaner to mop the floor.
  3. Rinse the mop in clean water after each mopping pass to remove picked up soil.

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