Tat Ming Flooring Faus


|  Laminate Flooring  |  Import from Spain  |  In stock available  |


Each FAUS floor masterpiece has been created with care by hand to last over time while maintaining its natural beauty and simplicity.

They invest all their resources and efforts in designing each detail of each piece, applying unique manufacturing technologies and selecting each material with the highest technical rigor. The result obtained are inimitable decorative solutions (supreme, unmatched, incomparable), exclusive and with a high degree of sophistication.

Faus has always been highly committed to protecting the nature and the environment. Therefore, since its inception, it has become part of the PEFC (Program for the Recognition of International Forest Certi cation, which promotes the sustainable forest management and the FSC: Forest Stewardship Council). In addition, the manufacturing process for Faus products, which aims at improving the sustainability, favors the reduction in raw material consumption, promotes the recycling waste, minimizes energy consumption and it helps to reduce the environmental footprint.

Tat Ming Flooring Project Residential Dynasty Court Faus - Laminate Flooring from Spain
Tat Ming Flooring Project Residential Chung Hom Kok House Faus - Laminate