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Woodland brings out the true beauty of natural wood: Pureness. Uniqueness. Nobleness.


Build your neverland with Woodland,

the aesthetically pleasing parquets you can’t miss out on.


After several years of preparation – in which we carried out detailed investigations and product research, we are proud to reveal our brand new own-label wood flooring brand – “Woodland (木芝瀾).

Luxurious and elegant designs, sophisticated composition, and expert handcraftsmanship all contributed to the rise of hardwood parquets during the Baroque Period in 17th century Europe. Back then, parquets – as an exclusive style of floor décor – were a symbol of royalty. Parquetry first appeared in the Palace of Versailles, one of the most extraordinary landmarks in France, and later became a popular aristocratic decoration of many historic palaces in France, Italy, Germany, Austria, and Belgium.


The design world has seen a recent boom in the use of parquetry. Parquets are no longer exclusive to royalty, and are now widely applied in different interiors such as hotels, shops, restaurants, and residences. The timeless designs echo the grandeur of floor art and help bring balancing aesthetics to spaces.


Woodland is ideal for any rooms. Our parquets are constructed with multi-layer timbers. The top layer comes mainly from European Oak and Walnut, and can be created with various wood species such as Teak, Birch, Rosewood and Padauk. The interlayer is formed by imported Birch wood.

We offer two collections of parquetries:


  1. The Classicals – Inheriting a classical art style of the French royal residence, Palace of Versailles


  1. Woodmetric – Modern parquets that are pieced together with geometric and dynamic patterns


This collection offers diversified patterns. Tile sizes vary due to design variations, so customisation is required.